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Audio and video integration options

You may be wondering how to use multimedia to help you spread your message of faith. There are many software solutions on the market to help you achieve this - some can be expensive, others not so much. In fact, there are an increasing number of solutions that are very reasonably priced that may not specifically be designed for a worship setting, but can be easily adapted to deliver an experience that comes close to rivalling the expensive 'designed for purpose' packages that are typically very costly.


I can work with you in putting together a bespoke package that can be tailored to suit both your requirements and budget.

Please note: I am not a qualified electrician, therefore, I am unable to provide installation services for large hardware. I can provide recommendations on hardware requirements as part of the service provided. Once your hardware is installed, I can provide assistance in setup and applications tailored for your specific use.

Professional screen resources without the expensive software packages
22 September 2019
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22 September 2019 (1)
New Intro Slides
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22 September 2019 (2)
7pm Welcome Slides
22 September 7pm
16 June 2019 Gateway Trinity Sunday

The above captures were all produced using free software with no one off charge or no monthly payment requirements. Some of these options are also cloud based, making collaboration extremely easy, and exchanging pen drives or emails a thing of the past.

Note: An internet connecting may be required for cloud based solutions.