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Managing Your Everyday

Regardless of the size of your church, charity or business, you probably have similar email and application needs as many larger for-profit businesses. You may already be using documents, spreadsheets, presentations and email applications to run your day to day activity. These things can be very useful tools, but it can be difficult to effectively collaborate with your staff, leadership team, volunteers or group leaders etc. You may find you have files stored on personal computers that contain sensitive data, or you may be wondering how to comply with GDPR.

Cloud based solutions are becoming more and more popular. Storing sensitive data on personal computers becomes a thing of the past, and collaboration becomes much easier by giving the right people the right access to the right resources.

There can be many benefits to a cloud based solution. Here are three good reasons to consider this approach:

1. Improved Collaboration

Do you spend lots of time emailing documents or presentations back and forth? Do you get to the point where you don't know which version number you are up to? Do you have to spend time collating peoples changes and recommendations?

Using a cloud based solution can really help. Saving all of your files to the cloud means that everyone can collaborate in one place. Your policy documents, meeting records and screen presentations are held in one central area, accessible to those who need it and hidden from those who don't. Multiple people can also work on one file at any given time or place.

2. Reduced Tech Support Costs

By storing all of your files in the cloud, they are safe from any computer failures or breakdowns. Should a computer break down beyond repair, you won't need to go though the costly process of trying to retrieve lost data.

3. Cost

Many cloud based solutions are low cost. If you are a church, worshipping community or a registered charity in the UK, you may also qualify to receive services for free. You do not have to rely on specialist packages that can be very expensive, or packages that may also require a sizeable monthly or annual subscription.

I can help find the right solution for your needs and guide you through the setup process.