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Is your church, worshipping community or charity having difficulty with technology? Do you want to use video or other forms of media in your worship or events? Perhaps you're looking to become more eco-aware and reduce your reliance on paper and printing? Or you may be wondering how to effectively manage the day to day 'stuff' that every community or charity needs to find ways of dealing with? I can offer support and guidance in developing bespoke solutions to suit your individual needs.

Funding in churches and charities can often be a challenge, but that doesn't have to stand in the way of putting together solutions that meet your needs. Indeed, there are many low cost solutions available to suit most requirements and budgets. Registered charities may also be eligible to receive certain products or packages free of charge. Many of these packages provide industry leading products to some of the largest Not for Profit organisations in the world, and you could also benefit from some of these tools.

My goal is to provide a service that is tailored to your needs, at a low cost that doesn't add needless strain to your financial situation. I have helped a number of churches and charities through the application process to gain access to these tools, and pulled them together into a bespoke solution. My services includes full setup and provision of training to your team. My approach is one that is always honest, with no hidden charges, and that delivers something that makes your day to day life a little easier, so you can concentrate on the things that really matter... growing your communities, spreading your message and making disciples.


Web Design & Management

Simple yet elegant website design tailored to your needs

Social Media & Engagement

Engage with your community and spread your message

Branding & Artwork

Branding and artwork for your organisation

Management & Administration

Collaborative, cost effective tools for your administrative needs

Worship Resources

Using multimedia and collaborative resources for your teams to spread your message of faith is a trading name of Dan Winrow Ltd.

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